Coursera Note: Child Nutrition and Cook (Week 2)


It’s more important to provide fresh hand made food than providing nutrients.

In a typical week, more than half of America’s children do not sit down to a daily meal with their families.

“Eat food, not much, mostly vegetable”

use small plate and small cup to fill juice.

Think about what serve the vegetables well. do not start with protein, start with vegetables.


complex carbs, starchy foods, poly saccharides

simple carbs: glucose fructose galactose


sucrose: regular table sugar


dietary fiber: soluble; insoluble

soluble: gut health; cholesterol regulation

insoluble: prevents constipation; accelerates food transit


brain development. nerve, cushioning protection, blood, plaque,

protect us from arterial plaque.

saturated fats: solid. fat acid is very flat. butter and red meat.

unsaturated fats: natural fats; man-made;

natural fats: olive oil; avocado; nuts

man-made: reused; trans fats; LDL cholestero; reduse the good cholesterol


immune system; transport; fluid distribution;

20 total 9 essential amino acids;

some contains complete: egg, meat, fish

some incomplete: eat variety food.


risk: 2 type diabetes; obesity;

plain water is the best thing to solve thirsty.

glycemic index

blood sugar level high; insulin;


we live in an all or none time.

toxic: emphasize how dangerous sugar

Michael Pollan food rules:

eg. only have sweet and second helpings on days begin with S.


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